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The use of the R32 refrigerant gas makes our products highly ecological, respecting the European directives on the reduction of the greenhouse effect, presenting a GWP lower than R410A and not damaging the ozone layer. The advantages? High energy efficiency - Reduction of the amount of refrigerant gas used - Reduced environmental impact - Easily loaded and recovered as pure gas

Energy rating

ARYA thanks to the careful design of internal components and cutting-edge technologies, energy efficiency reaches extraordinary levels even on a seasonal basis. ARYA obtains SEER and SCOP values ​​(seasonal efficiency indexes) which allow to reach Energy Class A +++ / A ++ values.


The AI ​​algorithm our Inverter system is equipped with, allows you to efficiently vary the speed of the compressor and consequently the power delivered by the air conditioner based on the cooling or heating request. Compared to the old On / Off air conditioners, the required temperature is reached earlier and is kept stable without sudden changes to the advantage of environmental comfort and electrical absorption.

efficiency energetics

The energy label describes the performance of the heat pump splits. The labels can be divided into three sectors: The first sector shows the name or brand of the manufacturer and the name of the model and a pictogram describing the operating mode: cooling and heating. The second sector shows the energy efficiency classes, and the one to which they belong is highlighted. The classes are represented by a series of arrows of increasing length and different color, associated with a letter of the alphabet (from A +++ to E). The letter A +++, and the corresponding shorter green arrow, indicate, all other characteristics being equal, the appliances with the lowest energy consumption. The ECOLABEL symbol, the eco-label assigned by the European Union, may also be present in this sector. In the third sector, however, pictograms highlight the technical and energy characteristics of the specific model. In particular: the nominal power in kW for the different operating modes. For split type air conditioners: the SEER value (seasonal energy efficiency index) for the cooling mode and the SCOP value (seasonal coefficient of performance) in heating mode, which is calculated for the three main climatic zones existing in the EU : "Medium", "hot" and "cold". The consumption for 60 minutes of operation in each mode, in kWh. The noise emitted by the unit inside the room, in decibels.

The GENTLE COOLWIND mode is innovative for you all. Enjoy maximum comfort that helps you to work, rest and live an experience at home of superior comfort!
The air spreads delicately and silently through thousands of micro-holes, eliminating annoying flows of direct air. In addition, the innovative air flow system refreshes a larger area with greater uniformity, using 77% less energy than Fast Cool mode.

Inglese Sterilizzazione UVC professionale Professional UVC sterilization

Viruses and Bacteria 99% harmless ARYA uses the new generation of UV-C lamp with LED technology, capable of guaranteeing the purification of the air from bacteria and viruses.

Choose ARYA and make the air you breathe safe...

Air purification systems have never been better than today essential for domestic environments and for whom manages spaces open to the public. By now we know that closed environments a lot crowded like hospitals, gyms, schools, bars and restaurants, risk becoming a receptacle for viruses and bacteria due to the high concentration of people. It is therefore important to adopt systems effective prevention, capable of guaranteeing absolute safety of the air you breathe. To meet this new need, ARYA proposes the use of UVC PRO technology as OPTIONAL for your air conditioners. The lamp UVC PRO uses ultraviolet rays to sanitize the air in an indoor space. The UVC lamps ensure the exchange and sterilization of the air (24/24 H), concentrated irradiation of ultraviolet rays eliminates all agents microbials, including pathogens. UVC PRO lamps are a purification system safe air and without contraindications.

a healthier environment thanks to... bipolar ion generator

The air we breathe is a fundamental element for our psychophysical well-being. Everyday we breathe approximately 22,000 times and the quality of the air it's not always good. In the atmosphere there are ions made up of molecules of gas, which depending on their charge can be positive or negative based on their charge electrons. The right concentration of ions in the air is of 1800 per cubic cm of air, between positive and negative with a ratio of 0.8 to 1.

The variation of this ratio in favor of positive ions creates a condition of discomfort and psychophysical discomfort. Even closed environments, in which we spend our time most of our time, they have almost always a low concentration of ions and little balanced with each other. We can do a lot for our homes make the air more breathable and try to improve our level of psychophysical well-being. ARYA air conditioners are equipped with a generator of negative and positive ions, i.e. a system in capable of releasing charged electrons into the environment negatively through the application of a high negative voltage (high concentration of ions Positive (3,500,000 n/cm3) and negative ions (10,000,000 n/cm3) to purify indoor air). Suffice it to say that residual particles from the smoke of tobacco remain suspended in the air for hundreds of hours, making the air very heavy.



It is the sanitizing heart of the air conditioner It acts on a photocatalytic basis thanks to the oxidizing power of titanium dioxide subjected to ultraviolet light, destroys the membranes of the bacteria by eliminating them and coagulates virus proteins inhibiting the activity: the treated air arrives in a short time to be al 99.6% free from bacteria, spores and from viruses. Decomposes by photocatalysis nitrate oxides, (basis of smog and strong odors), in compounds harmless and odorless, eliminate also the most annoying odors generated from halogenated aromatic compounds, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and even those that are difficult to absorb by activated carbons such as cigarette smoke


The silver ion filter eliminates the 99% of bacteria present in the air e controls the growth of microbes such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores. It regenerates the air and maintains it cleaned by eradicating any agents bacteria present in the air.


Catechin is a natural substance extracted from tea leaves used since ancient times for fight viruses, bacteria and agents pathogens. The electrostatic filter makes the air exiting air-conditioned and filtered by all contaminants.


It is composed of a layer of synthetic material, folded like an accordion to increase the filtering surface and treated with antibacterial of a professional type, coupled with a grid of activated carbon. The forced flow of air, crossing the filtering element charges it with static energy, thus allowing it to retain even the smallest polluting particles and allergens up to the size of 0.01 microns. The activated carbon network is formed by a porous layer of carbon, it absorbs the original molecules organic matter responsible for bad odors. This filter will need to be replaced periodically, depending on the length of use.


It is a purification system that allows flow separation of gas entering the particles pollutants. Particles can be both solid and liquid. The system, through a difference of potential induced between the electrodes of emission and collection, achieves particle separation contaminants from the carrier gas which is made to flow between the electrodes. There is therefore a flow at the exit of air free of contaminants.

C vitamin

The filter fills the air with vitamin C improving immunity and health of the skin. The regenerating effect e stimulant guaranteed by the special filter allows you to breathe air of higher quality and beneficial for the health of those who live within the environment in which the air conditioning is installed.




Gold Fin is an anticorrosive protective coating of the battery that allows it to be resistant to rain, salt and other corrosive elements. Golden Fin exchangers prevent bacteria from reproducing and spreading, creating a healthy and comfortable environment. It also increases the life of the exchanger, safeguarding the integrity of the device and ensuring longer performance.
The aluminum surface of the exchanger is subjected to a protective treatment that provides a special gold-colored coating. Thanks to this protection, the triggering of corrosion phenomena is prevented and the integrity and performance of the appliance are safeguarded over time.

After one year of operation, the gold-coated product exhibits better efficiency performance in all working conditions than the BLUE FIN-coated product.


I-Feel function through a temperature sensor in the remote control, allows you to control the comfort temperature in the operating area of ​​the same and in the point of greatest interest.

Silent MODE

It offers maximum silence also, and above all, during the night, for an optimal rest without altering either the air flow or the capacity.


The daily timer makes it easy to do the switching on and off operations automatic at pre-established time intervals.


The low noise makes this range the ideal solution to ensure maximum comfort. The quality of the Environmental Comfort in which we stay also depends on the level of noise perceived, which is why ARYA air conditioners help maintain the highest acoustic comfort by reducing noise emissions to a minimum.


The system will automatically stop operation to ensure safety once a refrigerant leak is detected


In the event of a failure, a fault code system allows you to report to users in a simple way and clear any malfunctions and display the relevant error codes, to activate quickly the maintenance and assistance service.


The SELF CLEAN function activates a movement reverse of the indoor unit fan when finished of use, useful for removing condensed water and prevent the formation of mold or bacteria harmful to your health.

60°C Cooling

Stay cool no matter what the temperature external. An air-cooled e-box guarantees continuous cooling even at 60°C and a 100% cooling power at 50°C.


The engineering of the new condensing unit of ARYA, allows you to reduce noise (dB) at least 10/15% compared to condensing units standard. Values ​​achieved thanks to particular insulation compressor specification.


the cutting edge of regulation
activate the app and manage the your air conditioner with one click!

Control the home temperature whenever and wherever you want via the Home app or through voice commands*.

*Requires connection to Smart TV, smartphone or Alexa soundbar via TCL HOME or Google app Assistant

auto detection

Wherever you are, you can control your air conditioner to turn it on or off according to your needs. Using GPS technology, your air conditioner recognizes when to turn on or off based on your distance from home, limiting energy waste.

voice control

Comfort at home has never been easier. Thanks to the integration with the latest generation technologies Echo Voice Command by Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit.

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