The use of the R32 refrigerant gas makes our products highly ecological, respecting the European directives on the reduction of the greenhouse effect, presenting a GWP lower than R410A and not damaging the ozone layer. The advantages? High energy efficiency - Reduction of the amount of refrigerant gas used - Reduced environmental impact - Easily loaded and recovered as pure gas


Energy rating

ARYA thanks to the careful design of internal components and cutting-edge technologies, energy efficiency reaches extraordinary levels even on a seasonal basis. ARYA obtains SEER and SCOP values ​​(seasonal efficiency indexes) which allow to reach Energy Class A +++ / A ++ values.


The AI ​​algorithm our Inverter system is equipped with, allows you to efficiently vary the speed of the compressor and consequently the power delivered by the air conditioner based on the cooling or heating request. Compared to the old On / Off air conditioners, the required temperature is reached earlier and is kept stable without sudden changes to the advantage of environmental comfort and electrical absorption.

The energy label describes the performance of the heat pump splits. The labels can be divided into three sectors:
The first sector shows the name or brand of the manufacturer and the name of the model and a pictogram describing the operating mode:
cooling and heating.
The second sector shows the energy efficiency classes, and the one to which they belong is highlighted.
The classes are represented by a series of arrows of increasing length and different color, associated with a letter of the alphabet (from A +++ to E).
The letter A +++, and the corresponding shorter green arrow, indicate, all other characteristics being equal, the appliances with the lowest energy consumption. The ECOLABEL symbol, the eco-label assigned by the European Union, may also be present in this sector.
In the third sector, however, pictograms highlight the technical and energy characteristics
of the specific model.
In particular: the nominal power in kW for the different operating modes.
For split type air conditioners: the SEER value (seasonal energy efficiency index) for the cooling mode and the SCOP value (seasonal coefficient of performance) in heating mode, which is calculated for the three main climatic zones existing in the EU : “Medium”, “hot” and “cold”. The consumption for 60 minutes of operation in each mode, in kWh. The noise emitted by the unit inside the room, in decibels.






Gold Fin is an anticorrosive protective coating of the battery that allows it to be resistant to rain, salt and other corrosive elements. Golden Fin exchangers prevent bacteria from reproducing and spreading, creating a healthy and comfortable environment. It also increases the life of the exchanger, safeguarding the integrity of the device and ensuring longer performance.
The aluminum surface of the exchanger is subjected to a protective treatment that provides a special gold-colored coating. Thanks to this protection, the triggering of corrosion phenomena is prevented and the integrity and performance of the appliance are safeguarded over time.

After one year of operation, the gold-coated product exhibits better efficiency performance in all working conditions than the BLUE FIN-coated product.

Test1: 1000 hours of exposure to a neutral saline solution
(equivalent to 10+ years of useful life under normal conditions):
Protection level ≥ 9.5 without perforation.

Test2: 30 minutes of acid resistance test
(equivalent to 10,000 times the accelerated acid rain test):
Corrosion area ≥ 0.5%



The activated carbon filter is formed by a porous layer of activated carbon that absorbs the molecules of origin organizing responsible for bad odors. In practice, activated carbons are carbon atoms of vegetable origin, and therefore natural, with the intrinsic property of capturing odor molecules and foreign particles in the air. Activated carbon is made such through a process carried out in high temperature ovens, which "activates" the carbon granules and makes them reach the right degree of microscopic porosity to absorb molecules and contaminants. Therefore the activated carbon filter inserted in the ARYA air conditioners favors the elimination of odors, smoke, pollen, mites, bacteria, improving the quality of the air.


The system will automatically stop operation to ensure safety once a refrigerant leak is detected


High concentration of Positive Ions (3,500,000 n / cm³) and negative ions (10,000,000 n / cm³) to purify the indoor air.


The SELF CLEAN function activates a reverse movement of the indoor unit fan at the end of use, useful for removing condensed water and preventing the formation of mold or bacteria that are harmful to your health.


The design of the flaps of the wall unit allows a wide angle of movement, an increase in the volume of the air and in the times of distribution of the same in the environment. The wide range air flow eliminates 'dead' areas and improves the cooling and heating effect, ensuring comfort and well-being.

quick start

Inspired by the performance and reliability of racing car engines, the ARYA air conditioner achieves unprecedented performance. With a 70 mm front opening and high-speed cross-flow ventilation, this air conditioner cools your room with incredible speed, guaranteeing 180 ° air distribution.

Thanks to the large heat dissipation of the box containing the card of the outdoor unit, the operating temperatures of the same are lowered. The cooling capacity does not decrease even with an internal temperature of 50 ° C and continues to work in cooling up to a maximum of 60 ° C.

powerful cooling

The optimized design of indoor and outdoor units improves cooling performance and generates strong airflow up to 12m away with air velocity ≥ 0.3m / s, keeping the room cool.


In the event of a fault, a fault code system allows users to be notified in a simple and clear way of any malfunctions and to view the relative error codes, in order to quickly activate the maintenance and assistance service.


I-Feel function through a temperature sensor in the remote control, allows you to control the comfort temperature in the operating area of ​​the same and in the point of greatest interest.


Voice commands, remote control wherever you are, thanks to GPS, and many functions that can be managed from the app: with ARYA you can always have everything under control. Discover our solutions for intelligent, simple and intuitive air conditioning, designed to shorten distances.

auto detection

Wherever you are, you can control your air conditioner to turn it on or off according to your needs. Using GPS technology, your air conditioner recognizes when to turn on or off based on your distance from home, limiting energy waste.

voice control

Comfort at home has never been easier. Thanks to the integration with the latest generation technologies Echo Voice Command by Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple HomeKit.

all within an app

Just download the app to control your air conditioner with one click, wherever you are. Our first goal is to make your life easier, with a series of latest generation features, directly in your hands.

check consumption

Check the consumption of your air conditioner at any time, even remotely, limiting it if necessary, for a maximum of 8 hours. All from your mobile device, in a simple and intuitive way.


Automatically receive an alert when the filters need cleaning. Thus the quality of the air you breathe will always be maximum and you can relax in all serenity.


Easily manage the right degree of freshness for each member of the family. The perfect rest, at the ideal temperature.


Check the humidity level of your home, customizing it according to your preferences. Thanks to the app you can set the percentage you prefer in each room.


It is very useful in houses in the mountains, by the sea and in homes that remain closed for some periods. It allows the air conditioner to switch on automatically when the temperature drops below 8 ° C and therefore protects the environment from humidity and mold.

Silent MODE

It offers maximum silence also, and above all, during the night, for an optimal rest without altering either the air flow or the capacity.


The low noise level makes this range the ideal solution to ensure maximum comfort. The quality of the Environmental Comfort in which we stay also depends on the perceived noise level, which is why ARYA air conditioners help to maintain the highest acoustic comfort by minimizing noise emissions.


A technological 6-speed Inverter motor has been designed for the internal ventilation of the wall-mounted units of the ARYA brand. The result is an excellent perception of the climate (both in cold and hot mode).


The daily timer allows you to easily perform automatic switching on and off at pre-set time intervals.

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